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Arijit Guha (@Poop_Strong)

Social media channels like Twitter are great venues for venting, but our gripes often go unheard. Not so for Arizona State University graduate student Arijit Guha. He took to Twitter to complain about the limits of his health insurance. The reward for his rants: Aetna will cover “every last penny" of his treatment for colon cancer.

Guha initially went online to raise money for his treatments after reaching the $300,000 lifetime benefits on his student health insurance plan. But he eventually engaged Aetna chairman and CEO Mark Bertolini (@mtbert) on Twitter. Bertolini argued policy with Guha at the outset but ultimately vowed to work to “fix the system” from the inside.

"I am glad we connected today and got this issue solved," Bertolini wrote. “I appreciate the dialog no matter how pointed. I’ve got it and own it!”

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